“The Blowback Laser Trainer system is like nothing I’ve used before.”

“The Blowback Laser Trainer system is like nothing I’ve used before. I’ve been a Peace Officer in Southern California for eleven years, and I’ve worked night shifts in metro Los Angeles for ten of those years. This laser trainer is revolutionary for law enforcement. It allows the user to train at any time in any environment and is an excellent method for perfecting your reactive shooting. The gun feels and fires like the real thing from the heavy weight, to the magazine reload, to the blowback action. I see no reason for any law enforcement officer not to own and train with this product.”

— John B., Police Officer, Los Angeles, California

“I am incredibly pleased with the Blowback Laser Training System. In my years of experience, it’s most realistic training short of shooting live ammo. Recoil is sufficient to require the shooter to learn to handle it. The system keeps hits on target lit up until cleared allowing instantaneous and real-time feedback while shooting. The sound produced by the target when hit provides a (surprisingly) realistic experience, much better than the nearly inaudible ("plastic-like") click sounds of other products. Naturally, a great deal of thought went into the design of the training system. Keep up the good work, and I wish you great success.

— Charles Reigh, Gun Enthusiast, Blue Bell, PA

”It’s a wonderful training tool.”

“I received the trainer laser after Christmas. It is a wonderful training tool, especially if it is raining or cold outside a person can stay inside to shoot. My nearest indoor range is 50 miles away. I do recommend this training pistol.”


Steve McRoberts, Gun Enthusiast

“The best application of dry firing and target results on the market.”

Love your training system. The best application of dry firing and target results on the market. A must for every handgun owner, beginners, experienced shooters, police and military personnel should experience this product.


My live fire scores have improved by 90 percent.


— Ronald Shaer

”What an amazing training tool.”

”What an amazing training tool. It is portable, so I can take it anywhere and train in my basement or home. It is realistic and priced right. This is a great supplement in addition to going to the range and training live fire. Also it is a great tool to teach my students before they go to the live fire range. Great product!”

— Lou Krupkin, Firearms Expert, Caliber 3


Background – Lou Krupkin USA Director - Tactical Operations & K9 Lou is the Director for Caliber 3 K9, and the Director of Tactical Operations for the USA. Mr. Krupkin completed his service in the IDF in a combat unit and has worked in the security and security technology fields for over 25 years in various technical, tactical, managerial and consultative roles. Mr. Krupkin has trained and is certified as a Police K-9 Handler and with K9 Cabo, brings that expertise to Caliber 3. Currently as Senior Account Executive at Nuix, Security and Intelligence Group (Governent & Law Enforcement).

”I am incredibly pleased with the Blowback Laser Training System.”
“The Blowback Laser Trainer allows me to train in the comfort of my home without letting time dictate my schedule.”

The Blowback Laser Training System is an excellent training tool! As much as I would love to go down to my local range as often as absolutely possible, time simply does not permit me to. As a police officer from New York, who works steady midnight tours, I sleep during the day and am many times left with a small time frame for everything else needed to be done. The Blowback Laser Trainer allows me to train in the comfort of my home without letting time dictate my schedule. It weighs and feels like a real firearm. The Blowback simulates enough recoil. It is extremely portable and allows the user to set up just about anywhere. For any LEO, whether in the same boat as me or not, there is no reason why one should not utilize such a training tool like this one.

— Vinnie D., Police Officer, New York City, New York

I think it’s the best thing since sliced bread .”

To whom it may concern: recently I was reading my Gun Digest magazine and noticed an article about a BlowBack LaserTrainer. The more I read I just had to order one. I received my order on a Saturday afternoon, and upon reading the packaged instructions, I had to charge to target and pistol. The following day, Sunday, I couldn't wait to try it. My first few shots didn't register/hit the target, and I've been shooting since I was six years old and now 66. So I aimed high left about a foot, and it hit low right. As you can imagine I wasn't too happy, so I sent an email, on a Sunday evening, explaining how far off the pistol was shooting.

To my disbelief, my phone rang, and it was the owner of the company explaining to me how to go to their site and watch a video which thoroughly explained how to adjust the sights with the tool provided. Two adjustments and it was nothing but bullseye at 30. The other thing I would like to mention the feel of the pistol and recoil is just like a 9mm to me. I think it’s the best thing since sliced bread. I have even called my local PD and suggested to stop by anytime to sharpen up your skills.

Bottom line is the actual owner called me on a Sunday as he was cooking dinner for his family. Hats off to you, and thank you.


— John Wills


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