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"Groundbreaking tools for gun enthusiasts and law enforcement"

The most authentic and cost effective training method available to improve shooting proficiency and provide a positive shooting experience.


  • Many civilian gun owners are not adequately trained to use their firearms or don't have the time to practice the hours necessary to increase comfort and proficiency.
  • Training is expensive. Practicing at a shooting range can cost $100 - $200 per session. Proficiency requires shooting thousands of rounds per year. The estimated annual cost of training can be $1,000 or more.
  • No firearm registration or permits required.


  • The approximate cost of a session at a shooting range: range fee $20 and ammunition (200 rounds) $100 - TOTAL $120
  • The approximate cost of a session with the Blowback Laser Trainer™: $0 range fee and $3 in CO2 cartridges TOTAL $3
  • $117 saved per Blowback Laser Trainer™ training session vs. a shooting range session.

Realistic blowback when fired
Weight and Feel of a Real Firearm
Realistic blowback when fired
Realistic blowback when fired
Cost efficient
Cost Effective
Lasers, Not Bullets
Lasers Not Bullets
Lasers, Not Bullets
Versatile Intense Training

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